How do you get better, how do you improve you have been playing for a while and it seems like you've got a stunted growth, what must you do

This is a common question amongst athletes, the goal of playing the game of basketball, is to enhance our skill and develop it, to get better, so how exactly do you improve at playing basketball.

Now I have a couple of pointers in this direction for you.

  • Know your Strengths: the game would never be fair to you if you don’t have a trump card, develop your strength make it even stronger, of course this doesn’t stop you from developing other skills, you just have to put in more effort to advance your skill in areas of your strength.
  • Improve your fundamentals: This is crucial, very crucial and important, you need to develop your fundamentals those basic basketball moves, they are your best bet at being a good basketball player.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: You have to practice really hard, very hard, this is a good way for you to get better at playing the game, practice your shooting, handles, passes, Lay-ups practice them all, with constant practice getting better would come in naturally.

To enhance good training plans, with the right skill set, Titans Basketball Academy has a launched a massive growing YouTube platform to help you get even better at the game.

Prior to the Covid-19 incidence, the academy decided on a new turns of events, that would enable us bring basketball to every fan, beginner, even pros that would love to be engaged in learning the game the right way.

Basketball is a great and wonderful sport, one of the most trending of all, and that’s because it doesn’t exactly have provisions for just talented players, it is better associated with hard work, skill, and the right coaching.

With the advancement of the world in areas of technology everyone can practically get every tutorial online, adapting to this need we have launched Own Your Game, a YouTube video series, with lots of tutorials on basketball, moves, skills, drills, rules and all the essentials.

You want to be a good basketballer you have to learn the game the right way, you need the fundamentals, even pro basketball players, NBA stars revisit their fundamentals, once you have a ground and sound fundamental, playing basketball becomes more of a piece of cake, then there’s fitness which is quite tricky for basketballers, you have to be fit to play, the constant movement around the court to and fro can be exhausting dehydrating even, to even the pace we have, fitness drills
(Endurance, Speed, Strength), and the big upgrade, Shooting, Handles, Tricks and all the fun ways you need to enjoy basketball, we are bringing all these and more to you on all of our social media platforms Live and Direct, so check all you’ve missed, follow, like and comment let us know what you think about our videos, any additions or subtractions, just let us know in the comment section.

Remember basketball has a lot to do with practice, practice, practice, like we say at Titans, Eat basketball, Sleep basketball, live basketball.

See you guys on our next post…