Not a move till you score

I love the move a ball makes from a player to another, as it crowns a king at every pass. All eyes on who holds the ball, waiting to see what happens next maybe a dribble to beat a defender, to shoot or to pass but at the end, a move must be made. We tend to forget the difference of what we know how to  do versus what has to be done. Every offense counts fast, and every basket changes the figure. Staying focus on what must be done is what brings the gold for it’s not a move until you score. 

Michael Jordan Once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. Basketball is a team sport as such we must learn to work with every position to make the basket easy, it’s shown that most moves made without a point are individual plays. To be the MVP, is a dream a lot of players don’t want to wake up from and that brings selfish moves and decisions. We’ll all agree it’s better to make that pass and have your team win than making that selfish move weeping aftermath. “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi. A pass to the right player is also a score or a screen to let a player drive or boxing out to catch that rebound you also score. The best win is teamwork, every act as a team counts so it’s not a move until you score.

Dribbling is a dance everyone enjoys but at the wrong time can kill a game. When it matters, in that trying time where a point could make a massive difference, when a single act in a game counts a lot to achieving victory that aside from a turnover, you should jump for that rebound like your life depends on it, and shoot to score for it’s not a move until you score.

When you’re locked in a tie game, that last offense show’s your drive, your will, and your ability to make the right decision, at that stage when it’s now or never! Be as bold as a brace and don’t lose your nerve but most importantly don’t lose your team. in three, two, one, The goal is to win, to win you score. it’s not a move until you score.

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