dominic abah






172.4lb (78.2kg)




Point Guard/Shooting Guard

Became an athlete of the academy on August of 2015 as a very young boy and and has since grown in the game over time.

He took home silver at the 2015 Loyola Jesuits Cup. He is also two time male finalist and silver medalist of the Nestle Milo National Basketball Championship (2016 & 2017)

He participated in  the National Division II in 2018. He has also participated in the Abuja City Basketball League (ACBL) three times (2018, 2019, 2020) with 2020 being his most successful run at the league as he lead the team to the quarterfinals for the first time – a testament to his continuous growth.

He played in the maiden edition of the Titans Basketball Tournament held between September and October 2020. Played in the BigMan Factory Open Classic Basketball Championship where he led the team to the semifinals. Capped off the year 2020 with silver medal at a 3×3 basketball tournament hosted by the prominent Rev. Arome Adah.

He played in the Abuja  Clubs Championship that held in March of 2021 where the team exited the championship at the quarterfinals. He was an all star at the Jordan Nwora Elite Basketball Camp held in Abuja from 5th – 7th April, 2021.

He is play maker and a floor general. He handles the ball effortlessly and can shoot very well both off the catch and off the dribble and at long ranges. He is a top prospect and would fit in any top programs around the world.

Abuja City Basketball League (ACBL)2021G-All Stars5/862.5%4/666.7%1/250%0/0571
ACBL2021KOK Blazers5/955.5%5/771%0/20%2/450%352
ACBL2021Apo Settlers7/1070%5/683.3%2/450%2/2100%432
ACBL2021VB Ballers8/1844.4%5/955.5%3/933.3%4/4100%6452
ACBL2021Nile University Spartans5/1145.5%4/757.1%1/425%0/0381
ACBL2021Abuja Bats6/785.7%2/2100%4/580%3/650%1611
ACBL2021Hotcoal Basketball6/1154.5%5/955.5%1/250%0/50%1312
ACBL2021Vs Abuja Bats4/1040%3/743%1/333.3%3/560%31031
ACBL2021Vs Apo Settlers6/1250%4/666.7%2/633.3%3/560%26
ACBL2021Vs Nile University Spartans5/1241.7%4/1040%1/250%1/250%451