Small forward






160.94lb (73kg)




Small Forward

Joined our program in March of 2016…has proven his love and dedication to the game of basketball everytime he steps on the court.

He played in the Nestle Milo National Basketball Championship 2016 which he was a crucial member of the team…the team later won silver at the national stage after winning state and conference championships. Played in the championship again in 2017 and 2018 where he won silver at the national stage in 2017 and finished at the finals in the conference stage in 2018.

In 2017 he played in the national U-17 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He played in the National Division II in 2018. He also played in the Abuja City Basketball League (ACBL) in 2018 with the Academy’s elite boys team.

He played in the maiden edition of the Titans Basketball Tournament that held between September and October of 2020, where he was instrumental to his team that finished third place claiming the bronze medal. He was a member of the Academy’s elite boys team that participated in the Bigman Factory Open Classic Basketball Championship in October of 2020…the team finished at the semifinals. In November of 2020, he played in the abridged ACBL season where he was instrumental in the team finishing at the quarterfinals. He won silver medal in a 3×3 basketball tournament hosted by Rev. Arome Adah in December of 2020.

He is a highly motivated player that leaves his heart on the court whenever he plays. He picks lots of rebounds – sometimes even more than guys bigger than him. He has a smooth jumper and has elite level defense. He also has a high game IQ and can run the ball coast to coast when needed. He is a top prospect and will fit in top programs around the world.

Abuja City Basketball League (ACBL)2021KOK Blazers3/3100%3/3100%0/00%0/00%4111
ACBL2021Apo Settlers2/366%0/10%2/2100%0/30%6111
ACBL2021Vs Apo Settlers0/20%0/20%0/00%1/250%41
ACBL2021Vs Nile University Spartans0/10%0/10%0/00%0/00%7111