It's Bigger, Better and with More Fun, Titans 10 years Anniversary and awards Night

Its been roughly ten years since this prestigious academy, set out its standards and gloriously revealed a new initiative to the world. A grass-root basketball Academy for kids, to help stabilize our world and better the growth of our nation.

Maybe then it was never seen to approach great heights, maybe then no one believed in a set of local kids gathering to practice, it was just some basketball academy, But what can we say about today, having overseen to the physical, mental, and even financial growth of over a thousand athletes still counting, developing a name in the basketball world of today.

This Academy has sent dozens of players abroad, we’ve scaled the highest obstacles and come out unfazed, we’ve faced defeats, losses great one but that’s the big deal that makes us TITANS.

Most importantly, this academy would never have gotten this far without our very own coach, Coach Andre Achebe, a young and aspiring mentor, whose passion and optimism has skyrocketed this academy in both fame and glory, he also has a thing for words looking back at the days i do wish I had recorded a couple of these words, that i may share just a few to the world. 

We have all gathered this year to celeberate him and our academy, and it’s going to be grand the biggest the academy has seen, come 10th of December…

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