Titans In-House Game (Proudly sponsored by Dr. Romeo).

Titans basketball Academy hosted an In-house Game for it athletes, the game was played on the 13th of May 2022.

It was sponsored by Dr. Romeo, a dedicated sponsor of the academy, who has in many ways led a helping hand in the uplift of the academy, he has a wonderful passion of seeing young youths, who are very much dedicated to impactful programs especially ones that concerns the sporting line, basketball to be precise, with both his affluence, time and words, he has really influenced the academy in many ways, the Academy is really thankful for having him as a sponsor.

At the In-House Game a cash price was set to be shared amongst the winners of each segment of the Game, two Male teams made one segment and two Female teams made the other segment. 

Male Segment.

At the male segment, the boys battled
relentlessly, with each team fighting to dominate the game, each player pulled different stunts from their arsenal, none ready to give up the fight. The game went on and on, Slams, Three points, and jump shots dominated the game, there
was always a comeback on each hit taken 
and at long last the game to an end as the last whistle sounded, the scores ended up a whooping ………76-66